Recent advances in waterglass sand technologies

发布时间:2021-10-20 00:33:46

Recent advances in waterglass sand technologies 作者:ZHU Chun-xi 作者机构:School of Material Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200030, P. R. China 来源:中国铸造 ISSN:1672-6421 年:2007 卷:004 期:001 页码:13-17 页数:5 中图分类:TG2 正文语种:chi 关键词:waterglass sand;chemical modifications;recent advances 摘要:This paper reports some new understandings and advances in waterglass sand technologies. The multiple chemical modification process can increase the binding strength of the waterglass sand by up to 50%-70%.Therefore, the additions of the modified waterglass can be decreased to 3.0%-4.0% for CO2 process and to 2.0%-2.5% for organic ester hardening process, and greatly improve the collapsibility and reclaimability of the sand. Based on the new understandings and experimental results reported in this paper, several original ideas, such as nano modification, have been proposed to promote advances of waterglass sand technologies,


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